Wikia Rules

  1. When creating a page, please ensure that it does not already exist, or can be added to an already existing page.
  2. Roll backs are strictly to be used by moderators and admins, the unauthorized use of roll backs will result in the revoking of rights.
  3. Please refer to the following Templates when creating gear pages:
  4. False information and or page vandalism will result in an immediate ban. We intend to be a reliable and accurate source of information for our player base.
  5. Wikia forums and chats are to be free of any racist, sexist, ageist, and any form of emotional, sexual, or verbal harassment.
  6. Do not submit pictures or copy other users' works from various sources without either credit or written permission.
  7. Templates are not to be tampered with without authorization by the admin. Any template suggestions may be sent to Kason.
  8. If all else fails, ensure to ask one of our Unison League Wikia Staff.

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