Element-Fire 001 Icon Fire Element-Water 001 Icon Water Element-Wind 001 Icon Wind
Element-Light 001 Icon Light Element-Dark 001 Icon Dark Element-None 001 Icon None
Japanese version-exclusive Elements
Element-兵 001 Icon Element-巨 001 Icon
Gear-Sword Type Icon Sword Gear-Lance Type Icon Lance Gear-Bow Type Icon Bow Gear-Staff Type Icon Staff Gear-Book Type Icon Book
Gear-Axe Type Icon Axe Gear-Scythe Type Icon Scythe Gear-Gun Type Icon Gun Charm Gear-Relic Type Icon Relic

This page lists all of the Super Super Rare Weapon Gear found in Unison League.
There are a total of 635 SSR Weapon Gear in the Global version of the game.

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