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500,000 DL SpawnEdit


  • Item-Gem Render Gem x50 (x10, Guaranteed 1 SSR Weapon, Limit 3 Times)

Spawnable GearEdit

SSR GearEdit

Weapon Gear Head Gear
Body Gear Monster Gear
  • (Armor) Lord's Armor (None)
  • (Armor) Princess' Mail (None)
  • (Armor) Divine Beast Garb (None)
  • (Armor) Divine Beast Shrinegarb (None)
  • (Armor) Valkyrie's Armor (None)
  • (Armor) Drake Chosen Mail (None)
  • (Armor) Drake Chosen Cuirass (None)
  • (Armor) Tech Armor v1.0 (M) (None)
  • (Armor) Tech Armor v1.0 (F) (None)
  • (Armor) Captain's Garb (None)
  • (Clothing) Oberon's Suit (None)
  • (Clothing) Titania's Dress (None)
  • (Clothing) Satan's Tuxedo (None)
  • (Clothing) Lilith's Dress (None)
  • (Clothing) Archangel Armor (None)
  • (Clothing) Archangel's Dress (None)
  • (Clothing) Mobile Armored Suit (M) (None)
  • (Clothing) Mobile Armored Suit (F) (None)
  • (Clothing) Aeoltus's Raiment (None)
  • (Clothing) Ninurta's Raiment (None)
  • (Clothing) Victor's Suit (None)
  • (Clothing) Victor's Dress (None)
  • (Clothing) Pirate Princess's Dress (None)

SR GearEdit

Weapon Gear Head Gear
Body Gear Monster Gear
  • (Armor) Mythic Armor (None)
  • (Armor) Jade Cavalry Outfit (None)
  • (Armor) Jade Cavalry Armor (None)
  • (Armor) Evil Drake Mail (M) (None)
  • (Armor) Evil Drake Mail (F) (None)
  • (Clothing) Cat Dress (None)
  • (Clothing) Butler Tuxedo (None)
  • (Clothing) Full Maid Outfit (None)
  • (Clothing) China Dress (None)
  • (Clothing) Black Swan Dress (None)
  • (Clothing) Jester Outfit (None)
  • (Clothing) Fire Drake Battle Robe (None)
  • (Clothing) Fire Drake Battle Coat (None)
  • (Clothing) Beast's Ranger Robe (None)
  • (Clothing) Beast's Ranger Coat (None)
  • (Clothing) Sea Dragon Robe (Water)
  • (Clothing) Sea Dragon Dress (Water)

R GearEdit

Weapon Gear Head Gear
Body Gear Monster Gear
  • (Armor) Innocence Armor (None)
  • (Armor) Chastity Armor (None)
  • (Armor) Academy Attire (M) (None)
  • (Armor) Academy Attire (F) (None)
  • (Armor) Samurai Armor (None)
  • (Armor) Blue Samurai Armor (None)
  • (Clothing) Blacksmith Work Clothes (None)
  • (Clothing) Shrinemaiden Outfit (None)
  • (Clothing) Hard Leather Coat (None)
  • (Clothing) Hard Leather Bikini (None)
  • (Clothing) Agile Jacket (None)
  • (Clothing) Agile Guard (None)
  • (Clothing) Native Outfit (M) (None)
  • (Clothing) Native Outfit (F) (None)
  • (Clothing) Magic School Attire (M) (None)
  • (Clothing) Magic School Attire (F) (None)
  • (Clothing) City Girl's Mini-Yukata (None)
  • (Clothing) Wizard Clothes (None)
  • (Clothing) Famous Scholar's Outfit (None)
  • (Clothing) Classic Coat (None)
  • (Clothing) Brown Leather Bikini (None)
  • (Clothing) Light Blue Mini-Yukata (None)


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