Gear-Peliasa Icon Peliasa

Gear-Peliasa Render

Rarity: Rarity-SSR Icon Super Super Rare
Element: Element-Fire 001 Icon Fire
Cost: 20
Reforge: o ◉ ◉
Hidden: No
Type: Gear-Monster Type Icon Monster
Basic: 1
Max: 60
Stats: Stat-ATK 001 Icon ATK Stat-DEF 001 Icon DEF
Basic: 495 495
Max: 1831 1831
With +99: 2326 2326
Max Unison Chance: 4652
With Class & Shared Traits: Class-Soldier Icon Soldier: Class-Lancer Icon Lancer: Class-Archer Icon Archer: Class-Mage Icon Mage: Class-Cleric Icon Cleric:
Stat-ATK 001 Icon ATK 2791 2791 2721 2721 2721
Stat-DEF 001 Icon DEF 2721 2721 2721 2721 2721
Max Unison Chance Stats of Non-elemental Monster Gear are decreased by 32%.
Class and Shared Traits Stats do not apply towards Max Unison Chance Stats.


Systems, good. Energy core, A-OK! Final control lock, forgot to lock last time, so no need to release it. Peliasa, bootup complete! Hey, what happened to that Artifact Firemin that was with me before?

 Code: Iota

Abiity Power 180. Damages all enemies with physical fire damage. Added effect: Increases physical attack of all allies by 20% for 50 seconds and reduces physical damage taken to 0 for 1 time. Level bonus: Ability Power boosted by 10 for each increase in Skill level.

How to Obtain: Reforge
Reforge Path:
Reforged From: Gear-Peliasa's Mementomin Icon Peliasa's Mementomin
Reforges Into: Gear-Peliasa, Iota Icon Peliasa, Iota
Reforge Requirements for Peliasa:

Gear-E Cube Icon E Cube x5

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Notice: Basic and Max stats for Gear in the Unison League Wikia are from the Encyclopedia section of the game, as information from a player's inventory may have different stats from the Class and Shared Traits applied to the Gear. The game's Encyclopedia do not apply these additional stats.

Some Max Unlock Potential stats in the Wikia are calculated from rough estimates. These are marked with a Template until official Max Unlock Potential stats are given in the game.

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Battle AutophrasesEdit

Battle Start
  • Begone, intruder! (Mechanized Maiden)
  • I don't play games! (Mechanized Maiden)

Less than 30% HP
  • Now I'm mad! (Mechanized Maiden)


  • It is one of the few Monsters that has their own Autophrases in the game.

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