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Daily MissionsEdit

Daily Missions reset everyday at 5:00 a.m. ET. Up to three Daily Missions are available per day, and may vary per player and day. At the introduction of Daily Missions, Daily Guild Battle Gem has been changed so that it is now obtained through Daily Missions.

List of Daily MissionsEdit

Recurring Daily MissionsEdit

Daily Missions that can repeat for a different day even after its completion.

Mission and Details Reward/s
Augment 1 Time
Augment a Gear piece of your choice 1 time and obtain Grand Medal x60!
(There is no specific requirement for the number of Gear pieces that must be used as Augment material to clear this Mission.)
Item-Grand Medal Render Grand Medal x60
Clear 1 Augment or Reforge material Quest
Clear 1 Augment or Reforge material Quest and obtain 30,000 Gold!
Item-Gold Render 30000 Gold
Clear 5 or more Daily Missions
Clear 5 or more Daily Missions and obtain 30 Gem Fragments!
Item-Fragments of GEM Render Fragments of GEM x30
Clear 3 Quests
Clear 3 Quests of your choice and obtain Big Skill Limimin x1!
Gear-Big Skill Limimin Icon Big Skill Limimin
Complete 2 Expeditions
Complete 2 Expeditions and claim the rewards from the Expedition Limimin
Item-Proficiency Render 60 Proficiency
Participate in a Guild Battle
1 Gem awarded for participating in 1 of the 3 daily held Guild Battles!
Item-Gem Render 1 Gem(s)

Limited time Daily MissionsEdit

Daily Missions that can only appear while players are still able to do what the Mission requires.

Previous Daily MissionsEdit

Previous Daily Missions before the update done to Missions on March 17, 2017.

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