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The Loading Screen appears at certain parts of the game, such as upon logging in, after finishing a Quest, after a Guild Battle, and during game updates. Several tips are displayed during loading screens, while a couple of high-end gear are displayed during game update loading screens. The player's avatar can also be seen walking during loading screens.

Loading Screen TipsEdit

  • Attacking consecutively will cause Break to occur! Chances of inflicting heavy damage increase during Break!
  • Attack a unit that is in Break to grow the Chain! Unison Gauge will rise each time the Chain grows! Build Chains for effective battling!
  • You can change your Class at any time! Learned Abilities can be used in every Class, so test out various Classes to find one that best suits your style!
  • Abilities can be Learned from the Class screen! All Abilities can be Learned regardless of your Class! Choose your Abilities strategically!
  • Learn Class Traits for power boosts in your preferred Class! Learn all of the Traits in your Class for that crucial edge!
  • Shared Traits can be Learned in each Class and take effect regardless of the Class you select! Aim to Learn all of the Shared Traits for maximum might!
  • Gear is not restricted to specific Classes! Choose your preferred Gear and customize your character!
  • Aligning Elements in a Unison Chance will call forth a Great Spirit! The Great Spirit's intervention will increase in power with the number of Elements aligned!
  • Skills that can be found on some weapons and defense gear are activated by chance! Skills for your main and sub weapons can be activated at the same time!
  • Equipping Elemental Gear will raise your Element level. A higher Element level will mean greater damage inflicted on monsters weak to that Element!
  • Autophrases displayed during battles can be created and set in the chat settings! Create your own for a personal touch!
  • Chat macros can be created and set in the chat settings! Create your own to save time typing every time!
  • Save the Class, Ability, and Gear set ups you use frequently in the sets feature, which can be found on the menu screen!
  • Guild Battles are held 3 times a day. Perfect your strategy in practice matches, then demonstrate your mettle in Ranked matches!
  • Customize your character's appearance with Gear separate from your main set up! Fashion your appearance how you want and stand out from the crowd!
  • Up to 5 players can Quest together at the same time! Acquire the help of formidable Friends to help you through the more difficult Quests!
  • Furniture used for cosmetic purposes will not increase your overall stats. Make sure to equip Furniture to boost your Gear Score!

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