Gear-Indra, Shangdi God Icon Indra, Shangdi God

Gear-Indra, Shangdi God Render

Rarity: Rarity-UR Icon Ultra Rare
Element: Element-Light 001 Icon Light
Cost: 26
Reforge: ◉ ◉
Hidden: Unlock Potential Gear Icon 002 Unlock Potential Gear Icon 002 Unlock Potential Gear Icon 002 Unlock Potential Gear Icon 002
Type: Gear-Monster Type Icon Monster
Basic: 1
Max: 70
Potential: 100
Stats: Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK Stat-DEF 001 Icon DEF
Basic: 670 670
Max: 3015 3015
Potential x4: 3106 3106
With +99: 3601 3601
Max Unison Chance: 7202
With Class & Shared Traits: Class-Soldier Icon Class-Lancer Icon Class-Archer Icon Class-Mage Icon Class-Cleric Icon Class-Rook Icon Class-Berserker Icon Class-Treasure Hunter Icon
Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK 4213 4213 4213 4321 4321 4213 4213 4213
Stat-DEF 001 Icon DEF 4213 4213 4213 4213 4213 4213 4213 4213
Element-Fire 001 Icon Element-Water 001 Icon Element-Wind 001 Icon Element-Light 001 Icon Element-Dark 001 Icon Element-None 001 Icon Element-星 001 Icon
0 0 0 1 0 0 0
Max Unison Chance Stats of Non-elemental Monster Gear are decreased by 32%.
Class and Shared Traits Stats do not apply towards Max Unison Chance Stats.


God, though celebrated as a hero for his countless heroic deeds in the new world, had grown old. His prolonged stay had made him grow fond of the world, feeling sorrow for its coming doom. "My power is in your hands."

 Heavenly Bolt

Ability Power 220. Damages all enemies with magic light damage.
Added effect: 60% chance to paralyze and prohibit Unison of target for 70 seconds.
Level bonus: Ability Power boosted by 10 for each increase in Skill level.

Hidden Potential:

Hidden Skill Gear Icon 1. MATK Up 2000

Hidden Skill Gear Icon 2. Confuse Resistance +10

Hidden Skill Gear Icon 3. DEF Up 2000

Hidden Skill Gear Icon 4. Light Defense from Unison Damage + 50

How to Obtain: Reforge
Reforge Path:
Reforged From: Gear-Indra, Storm God Icon Indra, Storm God
Reforges Into: N/A
Reforge Requirements for Indra, Shangdi God:

Gear-Light Keymin Icon Light Keymin x2, Gear-Yellow Passa King Icon Yellow Passa King x3

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