Great Spirit-Izanami 001 RenderGreat Spirit-Izanami 002 Render

Izanami, the Great Spirit of Darkness

Basic Info

Izanami, the Great Spirit of Darkness, is a Great Spirit that plays a role in the world of Unison League.

Name Origin Edit

"Izanami" means "female who invites" in Japanese. In Japanese Mythology, she was a creator and death goddess, and died giving birth to the Japanese god of fire. Her husband, the god Izanagi (which means "male who invites" in Japanese) failed in his attempt to bring her back from the underworld.

Since she is a goddess, a female deity, we will be using female pronouns.


Izanami appears during any Dark unison attack. Her unison attack is a powerful magic-based Dark attack, which means it factors in an enemy's MDEF during damage calculation. She also places a debuff on all enemies.

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