Overview Edit

Expedition limi1

Expedition Limimin icon on the right side of the screen.

The Expedition Limimin is a special type of limimin that can be sent out by the player periodically to 'search' for rewards. It can typically be seen floating around your avatar. Tap on the Limimin in order to send it off on an expedition. Within a certain amount of time, the Expedition Limimin can return with a bag full of goodies.

Types of Expeditions Edit

Exped limi3

As of right now there are 3 types of expeditions A, B and C which are all free and take 3 hours before the player can collect their rewards from the limimin. The different expeditions vary in the type of rewards they bring back. The player may also choose to triple the rewards by spending 1 gem.

Expedition A returns FP, Proficiency, Item-Limimin Cookie RenderLimimin Cookie and Gold.

Expedition B returns returns FP, Proficiency, Item-Limimin Cookie RenderLimimin Cookie and Augmentation materials.

Expedition C returns returns FP, Proficiency, Item-Limimin Cookie RenderLimimin Cookie and Reforge materials.

Bringing Friends Edit

Players have the option to take a friend alongside them for a share of goods. This does not impact how much loot the player gets- it's as if the Expedition Limimin brings back extra goodies for a buddy. When a player collects their rewards from the Limi, they can view what their friend received through the Limimin.

Tips and Extra Notes Edit

Expedition Limi 2

New Year's Expedition Limimin

- Previously, the Expedition Limimin took 6 hours for a Normal expedition and 1 hour for a Special expedition at the cost of 3 gems. The rewards included FP, Proficiency, Gold and Augmentation materials.

- ATeam tends to dress up the Expedition Limimin for special occasions, such as Christmas and New Year's. However, this has no effect on what the Limimin brings back.

- Tapping the Expedition Limimin on the Expedition select screen will cause him to shake and say either "Hmm?" or "Do stop that..." Continuous taps will eventually cause him to say, "That's enough of that, I say!"