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The Art of CensorshipEdit

It doesn't seem a day passes without anyone speaking about the censors on UL. You have to admit they are a bit drab. So clunking heads together, my pals and I decided to give you a nice resource of the idiotically censored words and why they are censored. So enjoy this daily dose of censor talk. ;)


UPDATE(Sep.16): So after the mass update they happened to uncensor a few censored words, and censor those that weren't. How annoying.


The Epic Fail of Censors:Edit

  1. Ridiculous: Ridiculous is censored because of the word 'culo' contained inside. Culo happens to mean ass in Spanish(P.S. You can say 'ass' with out censor, weird right?).
  2. Participation: Participation contains the word 'cipa'. Cipa happens to be a slang in Polish meaning cunt.
  3. Circumstance: Circumstance is censored because of the slang 'cum'. I feel you know what that is. If you don't, I discourage you from looking it up through pictures. Go to Urban Dictionary.
  4. Crap: Okay, now I know you can argue this is a type of cuss but they let you say 'shit' in Unison. I don't think they caught onto it yet, except, I recommend they switch the two around. You can no-longer say shit on UL, and crap is still censored.
  5. Sexual or Sex: Speaks for its self but someone could be talking about their sexuality, right? It becomes a pain in the neck to uncensor this word when having a delightful talk about sexualities. You know, the normal things teenagers talk about? ...Or is that just me? ;~;
  6. Suck: Okay I see nothing wrong with this one... It all depends on how you use it. I can come up with several reasons as to why this one is censored but I would love to know why the Gameteam censored it.
  7. Breast: For some reason this word is censored but not 'boob'...and yet you can't pluralize boob to 'boobs'. Boob, Booby, and Boobie is still not censored
  8. Saturday: Because it contains the word 'turd' but you can say 'shit'.
  9. Retard: Well.. folks it can be quite a nasty word but it is not a cuss word in my book. It really all depends on how you use some of the words in all honesty.
  10. Screw: This one is obviously censored because It's a gentler version of the F-bomb. Either way I find this one also a stupid censor and this is why it has found its place here on this page. Think about it, someone could be talking about nuts, bolts, and screws but instead you would see: ******************.
  11. Chore: Chore contains 'hore' and In all honesty if that is another way to say 'whore' in another language I can see how that makes sense... but 'hore' isn't even correct in english. It's RETARDED that this word is censored.
  12. Happened: Contains "pene". It doesn't take a genius to figure out why "pene" isn't acceptable. Any word variant that contains "pene" will be censored.
  13. Asshole: Well they let you say ass, why not asshole? :)

Bittersweet is also censored

Of course there are different ways of getting around the censor. You can use different (and allowed) characters or you can place a period where it matters. More extremely peculiar censors will be added as found.

Warning there will be cuss words present. If you do not wish to see them, please refrain from viewing this page.Edit

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