Gear-Book of the Dead Icon Book of the Dead

Gear-Book of the Dead Render

Rarity: Rarity-R Icon Rare
Element: Element-None 001 Icon None
Cost: 15
Reforge: o ◉
Infusion: No
Type: Gear-Book Type Icon Book
Basic: 1
Max: 30
Stats: Stat-ATK 001 Icon ATK Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK
Basic: 207 505
Max: 479 1171
With +99: 974 1666
With Class/Shared/Sub Traits: Class-Soldier Icon Soldier: Class-Lancer Icon Lancer: Class-Archer Icon Archer: Class-Mage Icon Mage: Class-Cleric Icon Cleric:
Stat-ATK 001 Icon ATK 1168 1168 1139 1139 1139
Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK 1949 1949 1949 1999 2465
With Class/Shared/Sub Traits and Immutable Heal: Extreme:
Stat-ATK 001 Icon ATK 1363 1363 1334 1334 1334
Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK 2282 2282 2282 2332 2798


A book that explains how to properly guide the dearly departed to rest. The pages within speak of how the dead are judged by the keeper of the netherworld based on the severity of their sins.

 Heart of Generosity S

Chance to slightly increase effect of Cleric Abilities "Area Heal", "Greater Healing", and "Area Cure".

How to Obtain: Gem Spawn, Gem Spawn x10
Reforge Path:
Reforged From: N/A
Reforges Into: Gear-Greenfield Papyrus Icon Greenfield Papyrus
Reforge Requirements for Book of the Dead:


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