Gear-Amaterasu Icon Amaterasu

Gear-Amaterasu Render

Rarity: Rarity-SSR Icon Super Super Rare
Element: Element-Light 001 Icon Light
Cost: 25
Reforge: o ◉
Hidden: No
Type: Gear-Monster Type Icon Monster
Basic: 1
Max: 60
Stats: Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK Stat-DEF 001 Icon DEF
Basic: 635 635
Max: 2287 2287
With +99: 2782 2782
Max Unison Chance: 5564
With Class & Shared Traits: Class-Soldier Icon Class-Lancer Icon Class-Archer Icon Class-Mage Icon Class-Cleric Icon Class-Rook Icon Class-Berserker Icon Class-Treasure Hunter Icon
Stat-MATK 001 Icon MATK 3254 3254 3254 3338 3338 3254 3254 3254
Stat-DEF 001 Icon DEF 3254 3254 3254 3254 3254 3254 3254 3254
Element-Elemental Attack Icon Elemental Attack
Element-Fire 001 Icon Element-Water 001 Icon Element-Wind 001 Icon Element-Light 001 Icon Element-Dark 001 Icon Element-Time 001 Icon Element-Star 001 Icon
0 0 0 1 0 0 0
Class and Shared Traits Stats do not apply towards Max Unison Chance Stats.


The sun god of some world somewhere. She makes the sun rise, she makes the sun set. Both light and dark bend to her will even in this world. It is unknown why she is here, but her status remains the same.

 Clean Slate

Casts a 10% reflect barrier on all allies for 30 seconds. Added effect: Removes status ailments from all allies. Level bonus: Effect boosted by 5% for each increase in Skill level.

How to Obtain: Light Ordeal - Altar of Light Elite Time Bonus Reward Icon Time Bonus Reward,
Light Ordeal - Altar of Light Arcadia Time Bonus Reward Icon Time Bonus Reward,
Item-Light Medal Render Light Medal Exchange
Reforge Path:
Reforged From: N/A
Reforges Into: Gear-Sun God, Amaterasu Icon Sun God, Amaterasu
Reforge Requirements for Amaterasu:


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Battle AutophrasesEdit

Battle Start
  • I'll take that one. (Amaterasu's Dare)
  • Take this! (Way of Japan)

Less than 30% HP
  • You've got moxy! (Amaterasu's Dare)



  • It is one of the few Monsters that has their own Autophrases in the game.
  • Its Skill description previously included a typo which was fixed at a later patch.
  • Reflect works similar to the Paladin ability "Mirror Guard", where upon taking damage, some of that damage is reflected back at its attacker. (10% - 30%, depending on Skill Level)