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This Article or File contains content that is currently exclusive to the Japanese version of Unison League, and has not yet been released onto the global version of the game.

Some of the information may be inaccurate or is likely to change, and it is currently unknown whether or not the content will be released into the global version of the game.

巨属性ダメージ軽減 is a Gear Skill in Unison League.

巨属性ダメージ軽減 小Edit

 巨属性ダメージ軽減 小


Gear with 巨属性ダメージ軽減 小Edit

巨属性ダメージ軽減 中Edit

 巨属性ダメージ軽減 中


Gear with 巨属性ダメージ軽減 中Edit

巨属性ダメージ軽減 大Edit

 巨属性ダメージ軽減 大


Gear with 巨属性ダメージ軽減 大Edit

巨属性ダメージ軽減 特大Edit

 巨属性ダメージ軽減 特大


Gear with 巨属性ダメージ軽減 特大Edit

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